Missing Some Fighters today but Going Strong

Side note here, your setup for our workouts together are super high tech compared to mine, too funny!!!

We're into the second week of Round Two and to keep the momentum strong and badass, here's some At-Home Practice for our Boxing II fighters. Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a text.

At-Home Practice...

10x jab, body jab, body straight

10x double jab, 2, front upper, 2

10x faint jab, jab, 2

10x triple throws -- jab, upper, jab, 2

10x jab, front double, rear hook, jab

10x jab, rear double, 1-2

10x jab, upper cut, 1-2

10x jab, front upper, pivot jab, 2

10x jab, round upper, pivot jab

10x round body, round upper, round hook, 1-2

10x round body, front hook, 2, pivot jab

...for a grand total of 500 punches!!!

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