More Practice, More Gains

Here is the At-Home Practice for our Lifters. We picked Set Three for you to do as a repeat but we added those "super fun" tricep dips into the mix... enjoy!!!

Side note here for our Boxing Bootcamp fighters... yesterday we experienced technical difficulties with the Philippines' "wonderful" internet, so we weren't able to coach the Boxing Bootcamp Level 3 workout. To make up for the mixed class, we're going to add AN ADDITIONAL WEEK into Round Seven of our Boxing Bootcamp. This means one extra Core Conditioning and Level 1 fighters will get an extra week so that Level 3 fighters can catch up.

Also, we'll be hosting our Fighters' Award Ceremony on Saturday, November 7th, so please stay tuned for that. This ceremony is for the fighters in our Boxing Bootcamp but it is open for ALL our fighters (personal training, small team, BoxFit) and of course our Lifters too.

And talking about the Lifters, lady Lifters, we're trying to plan something extra special for you too so please stay tuned for that, thanks.

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