Need Gear?!

To all our in-clubhouse fighters,

As you know the clubhouse is closed until ECQ ends. Some of you have inquired about switching to online training with us for the time being but noted you don't have gear.

Hello... we have gear!!!

Let us know if you want to go to online training until we can resume your in-clubhouse training and we'll send you an At-Home Training Pack. You don't have to pay for it, don't worry, just please take care of it, use it and then return it when you return to training with us in person, in the clubhouse.

At-Home Training Pack:

1 skipping rope or agility ladder

1 kettlebell (or two)

1 5 pack of Hachi Martial Arts resistance bands

1 pair of light dumbbells

1 set of cones

As of right now, the ECQ is scheduled to go until April 4th but word has it that it may be extended to the 18th or even the 30th. This has been rough on us all so let's try to stay focus and work through this. Don't let a lack of gear be the reason why you stop training hard and getting healthier. If there's any more suggestions you'd like us to take into consideration or things we can do to better encourage you to stay active, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're in your corner, always have been.

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