New Classes and Zoom Links


The Skills Development Classes to start this week. They’ll be short 30 minutes classes open to all active fighters who are training with me and will focus on specific skills and exercises important for developing your skills as a boxer. Until further notice, this class is NOT open to the public so those participating must be already training the Empowered. I haven’t created a set time or day, I’m waiting to hear about some news on Monday, till I let you know the day and time of the first class. If you’re interested in the classes and have a time preference, please leave your day/time preference in the comment section.


I will be creating a post on the side bar with all links to training done with Empowerd on Zoom. Zoom links will be used on the repeat, meaning the link for this upcoming Monday’s Boxing Bootcamp Level One will be used every Monday for a month (the length of the camp). I will also be posting links for some of the team training I do despite their members not all being members to Coach’s Corner. It helps me keep things organized plus some of you whom I coach do train with me a few days a week and in different groups.


Despite the waiting room being annoying to deal with when hosting workouts online, the waiting room WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT. This is because the links are made public and this will prevent randomers from joining. This also means if you join the workout later than a few minutes, after we’ve already started training, you will have to wait till there’s some kind of break. You know I always give everyone a few extra minutes to join but you also know the workout is only an hour. Be more mindful of the time, that’d help a lot.



100 Crunches

90 Scissor kicks

80 Russian twists

70 In & Out tucks

60 Reverse crunches

50 Heel touches

40 Cross body touches

30 Marching crunches

20 Leg raises

10 Frog (or Splinter) sit-ups


40 Reverse crunches

40 Leg raises

40 In & Out tucks

40 Russian twists