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Well our 21 Day Workout Challenge was a big success. The ladies kicked butt, they kicked our butts, we kicked our own butts.... there was a lot of butt kicking and it was fabulous.

Those of you who are on the Coach's Corner are already active clients of Empowered but we wanted to share with you our next round of camps because we have a NEW CAMP -- Get Swole. We really want to make this a strong camp, get a lot of women involved and use it to really deface all those myths about weight training making women big and bulky. Weight training doesn't do that for women like it does men, we just aren't biologically built the same and our testosterone isn't as high as men. So if you have any gal pals that are looking to join a group class but stay safe, stay home, then please recommend them to join either Get Swole or one of our other two Live online group classes.

There will be more ladies joining our Coach's Corner here as we get closer to the start of camp day and after coaching many of you through the 21 Day Workout Challenge, I've decided to be more proactive about posting extra things for you ladies. During the challenge, I posted a five page daily newsletter and the response I got from it was great. I want to keep the momentum going, keep the learning and sharing of ideas happening, and post more things for you here. As most of you know, I also run an Empowered Clubhouse Facebook private group page and company page, but my priority isn't just any and all females. My priority are those who show a commitment to Empowered and to me. I'll be honest with you and tell you that seeing random ladies drop off the radar as soon as the going got tough with the 21 Day Workout Challenge was rough and it was ultra discouraging but then there was a pivital moment when I consciously decided I was no longer going to focus on them. I was only going to focus and commit to those who were committed to Empowered, to me. Everyone else was not my concern. And let me tell you, instantly there was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.

My focus are those who commit -- commit to their training and commit to trying.

I fire clients for a reason and that reason is their lack of either respect for my commitment or their lack of commitment that I can't respect. I'm 100% committed to my clients but I refuse to commit to anyone who can't commit to even trying. Paying me to commit to you doesn't get out of you not committing to bettering yourself, committing to me trying to help you, and I tell all my clients this on day one. What I expect from you at training is not beyond you, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and levels, but I am expecting you to try your best with where you are at that moment.

Commit to trying or try to find another coach because you're just wasting my time and your money at this point.

I consider myself extremely blessed to be doing what I love and love what I'm doing. I have an amazing crew of women I train, both online and in-clubhouse. So if you're reading this, this includes YOU. Thank you. So let's continue what we're doing, stay focused, have fun with training, and continue to make health a priority. We're still in this silly pandemic and quarantine is still going on, so try to keep your head full of positive thoughts and remind yourself that life is tough but you are SO MUCH tougher!!!

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