On to The Next Camps...

We have started!!!

After what felt like quite a long time away, which actually was only a week, we're back training together online and we kicked it off with some Killa Core today.

Killa Core, Monday, 7am.

...because nothing starts the new week off strong than with some abs!!!

Rumor has it quarantine has been yet again extended here in the Philippines so we wanted to send out some extra positive vibes to everyone because this is clearly affected everyone in various ways. Whether you want to admit it or not, you're on the Covid-coaster and yes, it sucks, but hopefully us all training together helps bring some positive vibes and extra smiles into your weekly routine.

You'll training hard and we always appreciate that but also be mindful of your mental wellness. Mental health IS health. We extended our help and support to any of you who may be struggling during this time and would like to tell you we're in your corner. We always have been but we just wanted to remind you. We got you ladies.

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