On to the Next Round... the Next Camp

[RING] {RING} ...goes the round bell.

Round Three of the Revenge Fight Training is over!!!

Congrats to all the fighters who joined in for Round Three. You fighters always train hard and you never cease to inspire me with how you give it your all and just don't give up. I hope you found fitspiration in not only participating but also in each other. Please note that Round Four starts on Monday so please register online at EmpoweredClubhouse.com or message us to get you signed up.

L.I.F.T. Camp 8.0 also starts on Monday too... both Revenge Fight Training and L.I.F.T. have Killa Core Conditioning together, so if you want to join L.I.F.T. let us know. Our L.I.F.T. Camp takes a different approach to training. It's a full body workout but it's doesn't have any boxing or explosive training. It does however use resistance bands -- resistance bands that you should note might very well kick your butt because they may be small but using them gets intense!

Of course we'd love to have you all continue training with us but if you don't, that's ok, but please pinky-promise us that you'll stay safe, stay healthy and stay active. Now more than ever health is such a top priority and you know the perks of working out beyond just changing your body. It changes your thinking, your confidence, your attitude... and the list goes on. Stay active ladies and know that we'll always be in your corner, regardless of whether or not you're training with us. We have your back!

-- Coach Amy

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