Positive Thinking, Positive Moving...

Ladies, let's put our differences aside with what we feel for 2020, leave all the hard hitting and anger for our fighters in the Revenge Fight Training, and get ready for L.I.F.T. Camp 5.0.

Low Impact Full body Training, an hour long workout that focuses on the full body and uses resistance bands. If you don't already have resistance bands, no worries, you can either buy them off us or buy online or in a local fitness store. They're pretty cheap but those who have joined our previous L.I.F.T. Camps can vouch that we can get in a pretty good workout with them.

We meet twice a week for training -- Mondays at 7am for Core Conditioning and Thursdays at 7am for our actual L.I.F.T. session. Everyone loves training abs, hence why we decided to put it at the start of the week this time and give you the full weekend off.

Registration is now available.

For those wanting to do BOTH the Revenge Fight Training and L.I.F.T. Camp 5.0, message us and we'll hook you up with a discount because we think that's pretty awesome and hardcore of you to do both.

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