Remaining prizes

Ladies, these have yet to be given out and we only have about a 1.5 weeks left to our 42 to Forty Two Fitness Challenge!!!

We were able to score some super sweet prizes for you ladies, spot prizes to give out as encouragement and incentive, but where are your social media posts? It's hard to know just how committed you are to this challenge if we're not left in the loop.

How is everyone doing?

Shout outs to those who have used the Coach Check in appointment opportunity to let us know how you're doing, throw us some questions and voice your concerns and comments. We love, love, LOVE that.

Let us know which workout is your favourite -- core, strength or cardio -- and we'll be sure to do a live one online with you all during the last week. Let us know your time preferences too, that helps us out so much with making sure it fits your schedule.

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