Round Six and the Next L.I.F.T. Camp week ladies!!!

Next week we're launching Round Six of the Boxing Bootcamp and the next L.I.F.T. Camp. For those wanting to join either camp, it's 4k for the month, but we're also offering 6K for those who want to join BOTH the Boxing Bootcamp AND the L.I.F.T. Camp.

Also, please note I'll be messaging all the fighters from Round Five regarding Round Six -- to confirm whether or not you're continuing but also to tell a few of you that you've been promoted to the next level! Yes, we have some fighters levelling up. Good job ladies... correction, Good jAb fighters!!!

As many of you know, many gyms are opening while some of us are waiting it out a bit, to see what evolves from the other gyms reopening. Please note that THIS WEEKEND I will be officially making the announcement on when Empowered Clubhouse will be reopening it's doors. So if you've been training in person at Empowered Clubhouse before quarantine started and still have an active membership (ie. training sessions not yet used), please stay tuned to the Coach's Corner here. I will be posting it on all our social media platforms but the finer details and whatnot will only be shared here.

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