Round Six... At-Home Practice, Boxing II

Good jAb today fighters, really. I hope the new program setup is helping you follow along with the workout better but I'll be the first to admit a three minute round is just not long enough to get through all that I want to teach you and coach you in. No worries. Next week we'll be resuming our focus work on outfighting.



long hook

long upper cut


overhand right/ rear overhand

overhand left/lead overhand

bounce back


CIRCUIT ONE: Focus Count Off

10x double jab

10x 1-2, bounce back

10x 1-rear long hook

10x 2-lead long hook

10x 1-rear long upper cut

10x 2-lead long upper cut

10x 1-overhand right

10x 2-overhand left


(EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute)

EMOM #1 10x 1-1, BB, 1-2

= double jab, bounce back, 1-2

EMOM #2 10x 1-2, 2, LLU

= 1-2, 2, lead long upper cut

EMOM #3 10x 1, overR, lead double

= 1, overhand right, lead double (lead body shot, lead hook)

CIRCUIT THREE: Simple Combos

10x 1-1, BB, 1-2 = double jab, bounce back, 1-2

10x 1-2, BB, 1-2 = 1-2, bounce back, 1-2

10x 1-2, LLH = 1-2, lead long hook

10x 1-1, 2 LLU = double jab, 2, lead long upper cut


  • When throwing the long hook, make sure you throw your other shoulder back. This will have you get more reach and make you less square. The less square you are, the less of a target size you are.

  • When throwing the long upper cut, drop your shoulder so that you can use your full reach potential.

  • Remember, you can use both the long hook and long upper cut as a means of reaching your opponent or as a means of distancing yourself from your opponent.

  • Be mindful of where your opponent is. We used the tape lines on the floor today to signify this. If you want, use it during your At-Home Practice.