Round Two Award Gifts

Good morning fighters. Just a quick note to tell you all I'm still waiting for my shipment from Klean Athlete regarding your Klean Athlete sponsored gifts for those who won an award during our Round Two Fighters' Award Ceremony that took place last Saturday (June 6th).

I am anticipating the first shipment of items to come either today or tomorrow but the Electrolytes will be arriving later because they are coming from the States. This means the Honourary Fighters will have to wait a little longer to receive their award gifts. Saemgyeoul, you'll also have to wait a bit on account you're joining us from Korea and we're not sure just yet on when we'll be able to get to the post office to send you your items. Please be patient, thank you.

Here is the list of awards awarded at the ceremony, the winning fighter and what Klean Athlete gift each will be receiving.

THE CHAMPION -- Saemgyeol

Klean Protein Recovery shake mix, Klean Multi-Vitamins, and Klean Hydration


Klean Multi-Vitamins

HONOURARY FIGHERS -- Karol, Saemgyeol, Vanessa, Christina, and Madille

Klean Electrolytes


1. The Pressure Fighter -- Hindy

2. The Out-Boxer -- Christina

3. The Slugger -- Madille

4. The Counter-Puncher -- Bianca

5. The Boxer-Puncher -- Bella

Klean Protein Recovery shake mix.

If you won an award, a SUPER CONGRATS to you again. I really appreciate ALL your continual hard work, dedication and awesome energy. Please note that if you haven't already, please let me know your delivery address and contact number so I can arrange for your gift delivery. Thanks fighters!

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