Round Two for Boxing II in Review

And this concludes the end of Round Two for Boxing II.... ding, ding!!!


jab, double jab, faint jab, upper jab, body jab

A jab isn't just a jab, there's many variations of jabs and in Round Two we focused on several variations of it. Remember to step with your jab, it's what gets you in closer to your opponent and it'll help you control the fight. The double jab and even the faint are perfect for when your arms are tired but you don't want to give up. They pose as a double throw (2 punches) and will keep your opponent on their toes.

hook, pivot hook, jump hook, body hook

The pivot hook is a great way to change angles, change directions, whereas the jump hook is a great way to get in closer and faster to your opponent. The body hook is an intense shot to the body and, if not targeted correctly, could be an illegal blow if landed to far back on the core so be careful with this one. It's a good one but it's trouble, either for them or for you!


jab, upper, hook

double jab, hook

upper, hook, jab

Your jab hand is your lead hand and we often consider it the distraction hand. It distracts your opponent and leads up to the destruction -- you landing a hard shot with your rear hand. If you're Orthadox, your lead hand is your left, rear is your right. The opposite is true if you're a South Paw.

Triple throws work really well for distracting your opponent and keeping them guessing because so often boxers punch left, right, left... side to side. Triple throws break this pattern though.


Corkscrew straight (2) and corkscrew hook

The corkscrew is the curve ball in boxing, with your punch landing on your index finger knuckle. It's a good punch to finish a combo with because it's a bit unpredictable and it leaves a sting.

Great job fighters, or should I say great JAB! You continually show up ready to train hard and learn what I want to coach you through so thank you. On Friday we have the Full Body workout and then that's it for Round Two.

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