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It totally didn't dawn on me that today was Father's Day, I appologize. That's the foreign entrepreneur in me -- the lack of family for me here overseas means a lack of attention to holidays and workmode always on. Having said that though, I hope you all are having a beautiful Father's Day. Extra props here to those of you who are single mothers pulling double-duty, much respect. And a thank you to Madille, Karol, Khrysz and Saemgyeol for coming out today for today's Skill Development Class.

Today's class was on the Basics of Jump Rope and we discussed the following:

  1. Type of rope

  2. Length of rope

  3. Skipping stance

  4. Warming up

  5. Practice -- the ball bounce, hip clap, wrist turn and then putting it all together.

This Wednesday, I will be hosting a REPEAT of today's Basics of Jump Rope because I really want to start incorporating REAL skipping (jump rope) in with our training, especially those doing the Boxing Bootcamp with me. Jump rope is such an important fundamental exercise for boxers, not only as a solid warmup for really helping to build up your coordination and rhythm. In Level 3 of the Boxing Bootcamp, I will make it mandatory for all boxers to have a jump rope so let's get on this before you're faced with the real challenge in class. Those that trained with me at the Clubhouse, pre-quarantine days, know I always made you skip for the warmup and some of you struggled and cursed me out while others sucked it up and did it.

Let's master the basics of skipping... jump rope!!!

This week's Wednesday 7:30am class is for those who don't know the basics of jump rope but the Thursday 7:30am class is for those who can skip, do a simple basic bounce (two feet together jump) for ONE FULL ROUND -- 3 minutes.

This week I'll be posting a sign-up here for you all.

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