Some At-Home Practice F-U-N for Boxing II

First of all, thanks for switching from our usual Tuesday morning to today, Wednesday morning. Time zone confusion had my lawyer a bit disorganized but I was able to fix that up with your help. Much appreciated. Because of the rescheduling for this week's Boxing II class though, we were missing some familiar faces. This week's class was a continuation of last week's class, with the focus being on outboxing, outfighting.



long hook

long upper cut


overhand right/ rear overhand

overhand left/lead overhand

bounce back

back step


ROUNDS 1 & 2: Focus Count Off

10x double jab

10x 1-2, bounce back, 1-2

10x 1-2, back step, 2

10x 1-rear long hook

10x 2-lead long hook

10x 1-rear long upper cut

10x 2-lead long upper cut

10x 1-overhand right

10x 2-overhand left

ROUND 3: Burn Outs

20 seconds long hooks

20 seconds bounce back

20 seconds. long upper cuts


ROUND 4: Simple Combos

10x 1, BB, 1-2, BS, 2 = 1, bounce back, 1-2, back step, 2

10x 1-1, BS, 2, LLH = 1-2, back step, 2, long lead hook

10x 1-2, OverL, LRH = 1-2, overhand left, long rear hook

ROUND 5: Complex Combos

10x 1-1, BB, 1-LRU-LLH

= 1-1, bounce back, 1, long rear upper, long lead hook

10x 1-2, BS, 2-1, LLU, LRH, weave, 1-2

= 1-2, back step, 2-1, long lead upper cut, long rear hook, weave, 1-2

ROUND 6: Shadow Boxing


  • Remember, if you're an Orthodox fighter, meaning you jab with your left, your left is your lead and your right is your rear. It's super easy for you to remember, L=L, R=R. Now if you're a South Paw fighter though, your lead is your right and your rear is your left. So you're the opposite -- L/R and R/L.

  • An outfighter loves their space so they'll always be creating distance. Whether it's keeping their jab out to literally keep their opponent further away from them or using their reach and extending it for long hooks and long upper cuts, the outfighter stays out of their opponent's personal space, their range of fire, by getting in and getting out once they've thrown their punches. So when you're doing your At-Home Practice this week, think of that. Keep your jab up, get in, throw your punches, and then get out. Extend your arm, really reach for those hooks and upper cuts.

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