Some At-Home Practice for L.I.F.T. Camp

I have to say this, much thanks and much respect to our Lifter Wendy for heading out to the States and still joining us online for today's L.I.F.T. Camp. Not only did she show up but she made to sure to pack her resistance tubes in with her luggage. Talk about dedication, we totally appreciate that. Thanks Wendy!

For this week's At-Home Practice, we're throwing you a repeat of today's workout, minus the last circuit of core, and are throwing you a little twist.

SET 1 -- 10 reps of each

SET 2 -- up it to 15 reps each

SET 3 -- bump it again, make it 20 reps

At-Home Practice...


  1. Serve the platter

  2. Upright rows

  3. Tricep kickouts

  4. Chest flyes

  5. Front to side laterals

  6. Narrow squats


  1. Bicep curls

  2. Back rows

  3. Tricep kickbacks

  4. Bent over flyes

  5. Side lunges

  6. Sumo squats

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