Some At-Home Practice for the Lifters

Before we head into the weekend, here's some At-Home Practice for you Lifters that made it out to this Thursday's L.I.F.T. sweat sesh. It's more or less a repeat of what we did in class, with a few exercises taken out and set up differently.

Same, same, but different.


Bent arm lateral raises -- left & right

Serve the platter -- left & right

Tricep dips


Leg extension -- left & right

Seated marches

Plank bows


Cross over knee tucks -- left & right

Seated side bend crunches

Plank with step outs

For your At-Home Practice workout, you can either set your timer or count the reps. I'll leave it up to you with what you chose but please do 2 rounds of each set.

At-Home Practice for the fighters in the Revenge Fight Training, Round Three, will be posted tomorrow... wait for it!!!

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