Some Combos to try

Great work today, fighters. You're honestly doing really, really well so let's keep it up.

Today we ran out of time in the 6th round when we were going over the complex combos so I told you I'd add them here on the Coach's Corner. Have a look at them and see about familiarizing yourself with them before next class. On Thursday we will be using these combos again but will be adding some extra movement to them to make them all that more challenging.


1-2B/1-2/ BS-2

jab, body straight/ jab - straight/ back step - straight

1-2-1-2/ BB/ 1-2

jab - straight - jab - straight/ bounce back/ jab - straight

1-1B-1-2/ BS/ 2-3

jab, body jab, jab, straight/ back step/ straight - lead hook

To add some complexity and a challenge to these combos, step with every jab. Don't forget when you throwing the body jab and body straight, you need to go down with them -- get out of the fire range of your opponent. Don't just aim the punch down, GO DOWN with it, so that your head and shoulders are lowered.

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