Something for the Lifters

Lifters, lifters, lifters.... Wendy is representing you all and even Biggie jumped in on the scene today. We know Renee isn't feeling good but is playing it safe (good for you!) and recovering, but we're missing our Lifters on the other side of the globe -- Angela, Alyssa and Heaven!

We're on Week Two of L.I.F.T. Camp 9.0 and we're definitely going strong with these new resistance tubes. Seriously, honestly,... we love them!!! The range of motion and versatility of these tubes is bonkers! But enough talk, here is your At-Home Practice -- a recap of some of today's "fun" exercises that left us with fried shoulders and swollen legs!!!


There are 2 circuits and you will do each circuit 3 times. Unlike our L.I.F.T. Sweat Sesh today, you won't be using a timer. Instead you'll be counting your reps. Be mindful of your burnout, conditioning move however. Unlike your Power move that will be done at a steady, slower pace, for the burnout moves you'll be doing these at a much faster pace. Your muscle group trained in that particular burnout should feel, well, burnt out when you're done with it.

Set 1: 30 reps

Set 2: 20 reps

Set 3: 10 reps

P = Power move – slow and controlled

B = Burnout/ Conditioning move – done quickly


P: Bicep curls

C: Front lateral raises

P: Wide grip sitting back rows

C: Tricep punch outs


P: Step out squat w knee tuck

C: Cross knee tuck

P: Knee tuck w kickback

C: Side leg extension

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