Strong is the new Monday

Tomorrow ladies, let's start the new week off on a positive note with some Killa Core. Monday is the new strong and it starts with us training together live and online -- Monday, July 18 at 7:30am.

Click HERE for Monday's Live Online Killa Core.

Don't forget to please copy and share this link for your gal pal -->

We're starting off the week strong so make sure you pass the Zoom link on to a gal pal of yours so that she can start this new week off right too. For tomorrow's workout, you'll need a yoga mat and two small hand towels or 2 of those small duster towels you always see them selling roadside. That's it. Oh, and don't forget your gal pal.

P.S. Tomorrow's spot prize is one of my favourite delish things to enjoy on the daily!!!

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