Superset = super sore?!

Supersets -- today's focus in our Killa Core but trust me there will be more emphases on this as the week progresses.

Supersets are a great way to increase the intensity of any workout and today you experienced that first hand when we superset the double leg lifts with the toe touches. And to think, that was the very first superset of our six superset line up. The second superset was the killer for me though.

We're now into Week 3 of Get Swole and we're going strong. Don't lose focus now. I know it's rather distracting what's going on with the lockdown possibly be extended but let's not let that get to us mentally and kick us off track.

By the way, Mitch, I totally couldn't resist making you Ysabel "sing" in today's Instagram Story. Your mother daughter duo is just too adorable and I love the example you're leading for you. Actually ALL you mommies are super cute. Keep it up, ladies.

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