I'm In Your Corner, Fighters

Hey fighters, welcome to the Coach's Corner, a private page that is for all the active fighters training with Empowered Clubhouse. It's something super new but something long overdue that we've been working on... and by "we" I mean Coach Amy.

Instead of posting stuff about your training on our Empowered Clubhouse Facebook private group page and confusing the masses there with it, I created this platform for you all. Here I'll be posting updates on stuff talked about in our workouts and offering pointers and additional links to help you develop your skills as a fighter.

Because this is super new, please bear with me as I figure out the kinks of this website and continually work on developing it. I didn't want to wait till I got it looking and feeling exactly like I wanted because Round Three of the Boxing Bootcamp has already started and quarantine is being modified yet again. I have the reopening of the club to work on so I decided it best to launch this sooner than later... viola. It is launched.

So please stay tune to this page, especially if you're one of the many Boxing Bootcamp fighters. Thanks fighters.

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