The End of Another 2 Camps

Awesome job fighters and Lifters... another two solid camps full of hard training, focus and commitment. Thank you!!!

As you all know, next week we'll be taking a break from training but we'll be restarting our training on Monday, May 10th for some awesome Killa Core Conditioning together. And to keep you motivated, we'll giving you ONE MONTH FREE OF CAMP if you register for either L.I.F.T. Camp 9.0 or Revenge Fight Training, Round Five, with a gal pal.

Both you AND her get the month for free!!!

There is definitely strength in numbers and it's been awesome to see you hold yourself and each other accountable during our training together. So let's share this with other women because, let's face it, training is hard but training during a pandemic is next level hard. And that's what we want to do with giving you this massive discount for the next round.

For Women's Day we hosted a 2 for 1 deal -- register two for the price of one -- but I've never had a no-strings attached, totally free deal like this. I do hope you take me up on this offer because honestly I really doubt I'll be doing it again. I love coaching you all but the pandemic has hit me too, I have bills to pay and my business to fight for. But I really want to build our community of women and get more involved.

Health is SO IMPORTANT right now and not just with keeping your body strong, working out physically, but your mental health is just as important, more so now. So many people are struggling with mental wellness issues too, I get it. I'm not able to see my father and be there to help him with his current health battle. Consequently, he might pass away before I can ever visit Canada. I tell you this not because I want sympathy but to share the idea that we're ALL battling things many are unaware of. This is my own struggle but I find comfort and relief in knowing that I'm doing what I love here and am fighting hard to keep the women who train them motivated, inspired and strong -- mind, body and spirit. If me pushing you through a tough Killa Core class on Monday helps to lift your spirits, connect with other women, and gives you a good dose of feel-good endorphins, then that's totally worth it for me.

We can't change many things but we can change how we react to them. I consciously try every day to look for the good in the bad and try to make the most of it. My hope is that you too find some good in your own situation and then try to pay it forward with empowering others, spreading some positive energy and being supportive of one another.

We're all in this pandemic and we're strong together so let's continue to train together, get stronger together. Please let me know if you'll be joining us for the next round of camps and who your gal pal is. Thank you ladies.

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