The End of L.I.F.T. 10.0

We were a small crew online but we were a committed and super strong one!

I have to give it to Wendy for L.I.F.T. 10.0 and being such a trooper. Despite having to head off to New York to get some stuff done, she still continued to train hard with us for L.I.F.T. She even brought her resistance bands with her. And today, while she's in the Philippines but stuck in a hotel for quarantine, she's still training with us. Talk about badass commitment.

Please note that as much as we love L.I.F.T. and even our Revenge Fight Training, both camps are on pause until our 21 Day Workout Challenge concludes. So unless we see you in our 21 Day Workout Challenge, we'll see you August 2nd for some Killa Core.

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