The New "New-Norm" Schedule

It's anticipated that the President won't be extending the MECQ yet again but with next week being ify on what other gyms are doing, we're not reopening until the following week. We're really wanting to play it safe here at Empowered because the safety of our fighters is our top priority. Having said this, if other gyms reopen next week, Empowered Clubhouse will be reopening Monday, August 24th.

Here is the New "New-Norm" schedule.

Please note we have somewhat shifted the original time spots forward or back 30 minutes, to allow for us to clean the clubhouse before and after each fighter and to further support social distancing with not overlapping fighters' scheduled training time.

The green spots our online group training sessions so no needed time is needed in between them and the previous and following fighters training at Empowered.

All our IN-Clubhouse/face-to-face group training will be temporary put on hold until further notice. This includes our Honey Bees Training, BoxFIT Afterschool , and the Lil' Pow Boxing Classes (with the Lil' Sistas). At a later date, we will relaunch our Wednesday evening Dooms Day Divas class.

Please note our REGISTRATION IS MAXED-OUT for all fighters wanting to train one-to-one and only registration for group training is available. If someone you knows wants to train with Empowered, their only CURRENT available options are the following:

  1. Boxing Bootcamp (online class)

  2. L.I.F.T. Camp (online class)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the schedule, please don't hesitate to message us or contact Coach Amy directly at 905-421-6436 (best to text first).

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