Today's Core Conditioning Class

Hey... where did everybody go?! Missing MANY faces in today's Core Conditioning but not to worry, those who attended made up for that with an extra dose of effort.

I know the schedules of many of you are changing, the "joys" of quarantine life shifting yet again, so I appreciate it when you able to train you train and when you can't, you let me know. It's not required, the heads up, but I appreciate those that give it to me.

For those who were able to join, thank you so much for your hard efforts and for your sweetness. As you know, my new assistant, Juvy, joined in. When I first asked her last night if she wanted to join in, she was hesitant, but after class she said she had a lot of fun. She also noted "Wow, they're such strong women... so nice!" Thank you ladies. I don't know if she'll be a regular in our Core Conditioning class but already you've made quite an impression on her.

For those who missed today's Core Conditioning class, here's the workout:

5 exercises -- 25 reps a set -- 4 sets.... a total of 500 reps!!!

  1. Pikes OR tucks

  2. Mermaid with twists -- one side

  3. Mermaid with twists -- other side

  4. Towel skips

  5. Crunches

Many of you will remember these exercises from an earlier Core Conditioning Class I coached where I had you use a towel. For the mermaid with twists exercise, I posted a short video of this on my personal Instagram account, in my stories (IG: DeadAimAmy). The other exercise you may not remember is the towel skips and that's like a splinter sit-up except when you curl your knees in and bring your arms in, you skip the towel over your ankles and then back over before then stretching both your arms and legs out, just like a splinter sit-up. If you can't get your small hand towel over your feet, don't worry, simply pass the hand towel either behind or in front of your legs.

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