Tomorrow... Don't Forget!

Fighters' Award Ceremony tomorrow, Saturday, November 7th at 9am, on Zoom.

Zoom link is on the side column or click HERE to easily go to it.

Tomorrow morning I, Coach Amy, will be hosting the Fighters' Award Ceremony as we finish off Round Seven and go into Round Eight. My co-host, the badass bold fighter Fiona, many of which have met in the previous ceremonies, will be joining me as will Coach Carol, the newest member of our Empowered crew.

This event is all about giving due respect to those who have been training hard in our Boxing Bootcamp but the Fighters' Award Ceremony is open for others to join. So if you're curious about the bootcamp or just want to see what the ceremony is about, by all means, do join us. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, 9am, Saturday.

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