Tomorrow is DAY ONE!!!

Are you ready Revenge Fighters and Lifters?! WE ARE!!!

Thank you to all you amazing ladies who signed up for Revenge Fight Training, Round Five, and L.I.F.T. Camp 9.0. We have a strong, solid group of women and tomorrow we'll be kicking off the training as one massive group for Killa Core Conditioning.

Please note some ladies have not yet registered on Coach's Corner so it's super important they do so that they get the Zoom link and any added info I throw your way. We have sent several emails but no response so if you're friends with any of the following ladies, please give them a friendly heads up that they still need to register here, for access to Coach's Corner. We don't want them to miss out!!!

Ladies still needing to register...

  1. Lucille

  2. Alyssa Hayes

  3. Heaven Mayo

  4. Bea

  5. Diane Wuthrich

  6. Andrea Gorgonio

  7. Ata

  8. Camille Tantoco

For tomorrow's workout, please simply prepare a yoga mat or towel. Class starts at 7am, the Zoom link is on the side of the page here, and penalty points will be in effect so please be mindful of the time and show up at 7am. It's super distracting when people show up late and it'll be hard for you to join in easily if you've missed the instructions.

Tomorrow's class will be Day One for Round Five, if you're a Revenge Fighter, and L.I.F.T. Camp 9.0 if you're a Lifter, so let's start these two camps loud and full of awesome energy!!!

We'd love for you to follow us on Instagram -- @EmpoweredClubhouse. Because of the size of our crew for these two camps, we're not able to tag everyone in our post workout IG Story but we'd love to follow you and have you tag us in anything you post. We'll be sure to post all our preworkout group pics here, on the Coach's Corner, so feel free to save and share.

Thanks ladies... Revenge Fighters and Lifters.... and we'll see you tomorrow!!!

-- Coach Amy

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