Tomorrow's the BIG day!!!

Monday, September 15th -- happy 6th month and happy reopening day!!!

To all our fighters retuning this week to train in our big, bold clubhouse, we're looking sooooooo forward to seeing you again and working you out, but please review our Fight Plan.

NO mask, no entry and fighters MUST BRING indoor shoes -- these are the two biggest pointers that we really want to stress. We take the safety of not only clients but also our staff seriously so we rather be safe than sorry. Having said that, we have an assistant now, Juvy, and she'll be taking your temperature and greeting you at the door with hand sanitizer, a hand towel, and a big warm smile to welcome you back.

We're all looking forward to having you back but please note our small team training will not be resuming until October. So any of our fighters in our BoxHIT Afterschool Program or a part of our Honey Bee and Dooms Day Diva small teams, please hold off a little itty, bitty longer... pretty please, with a cherry on top.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at Empowered of text message me, Coach Amy, directly at 905-421-6436. Thanks fighters and let the training resume!!!

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