Week 2 At-Home Practice for Boxing II

Today we did some weighted boxing with our homemade weights. Good stuff fighters, keep it up. The last round I had you train on your heavy bag and I love it how you all have a different kind of punching bag, very cool.

Today we worked on the body jab, body straight and then we also did the pivot hook. Remember when you step out, to step out with your jab out, to give yourself added defence just in case your opponent steps forward. If they do, they'll simply be stepping right into your jab.

Here is your At-Home Practice -- working on the progressive combo that I had set up for you to do.

At-Home Practice

10x 1-double, weave

10x 1-U-pivot hook

10x 2, 1-body jab, step out

10x 1-double, weave/ 1-U-pivot hook

10x. 1-double, weave/ 1-U-pivot hook/ 2, 1-body jab, step out

For next week, please remember to prepare a set of hand wraps. Your wraps should be at least 4 meters in length and have a good stretch to them. I'll be showing you how to properly wrap your hands so that you don't get injured, like any cut knuckles or sprained wrists.

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