Week 2 At-Home Practice for L.I.F.T.

Let's take a little spin on our L.I.F.T. workouts and pose a challenge for everyone!!!


Ok, so here's the deal, you'll be doing ONLY three exercise, "only", so you'll start with Exercise A, do 20 of them, then do 20 of Exercise B, and then finish off that set with 20 of Exercise C.

Then you do 18 of Exercise A, B, and C.... then 16... 14... (going down by even numbers).

For LEVEL ONE, go down until you stop at 10.

For LEVEL TWO, continue until you've worked your way down to 0.

Level Two is definitely a killer but hey, if you're up for a challenge then,.. you go girl!!!

Here are the exercises:

Exercise A: tricep dips

Exercise B: sumo squat pulses

Exercise C: lean backs

ALL three exercises use ONLY bodyweight so no excuses for those who want to try a L.I.F.T. Camp workout and have no resistance bands.

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