Week 2 of Round Three


You're doing great fighters but you still need to make yourself more comfortable with the 5 basic combos. Please refer to the Week 1 post for the combo list. I also did a video on Instagram focusing on them. Click HERE to see that. Practice them moving forward and backwards. I know, I know, going backwards is awkward and uncomfortable but that's only because it's new to you. With practice you'll build up your coordination and will have those combos in your memory. Angela, you weren't there for the class but this week we continued working on those combos and we also added in the hook and weaving into our boxing. We'll be working on that more next week.


Today I introduced match boxing to you -- a controlled partner sparring drill. The purpose of it was to not only get used to work on your defence but practicing how to react and respond to punches thrown at you. I also incorporated side step into it and we worked on simple blocking, both the upper level (head) punches and lower level (body).

Many of you fighters weren't able to join us but I appreciate you all giving me a heads up, thank you. You missed the match boxing, blocking and side step, so your homework is to work on moving horizontal -- side to side. You're all pretty comfortable with moving forward, backwards may still need a bit of work, but now you need to also practice on moving sideways. Weave and side step in one move, try getting comfortable with that.

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