Week Three... Already?!

Yes, we're already into Week Three, can you believe that? I can't.

Today we continued training strong with Boxing II so good job to our fighters for that. Honestly, you ladies have all been training really hard so I appreciate your dedication and efforts. It was a bit of a challenge to teach you how to wrap your hands with the hand wraps today on Zoom but you all tried your best and that's all that I ask for.

Please note, you don't have to wrap your hands if you're shadow boxing but I would recommend to wrap them if your punching bag is hard. You can never be too safe and considering just how easy it is to sprain your wrist, I definitely recommend wraps. Try to wrap them tightly, not so tight that they stop circulation but tight enough that they act as an appropriate brace for your hand. You should have lines left on your hands after, once you take them off. That's a good sign that they've been wrapped tightly.

Week Three At-Home Practice for Boxing II.

Round 1: ONLY the 1-2... this includes the jab, body jab, straight and body straight.

Round 2: ONLY the front hand, if you jab with the left like most, that's your front hand.

Round 3: ONLY the rear hand (opposite the front).

Round 4: ONLY defence. So far this includes weave, slip, pivot, back step and step away.

Round 5: Throw 1-3 punches (offence) and then do a defence. For example, 1-2, weave.

Round 6: End it with a builder (1-10, 10-1) and then free style.

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