Weekend Edition, At-Home Practice

Happy weekend fighters and Lifters. I thought I'd give you a little "surprise" and throw you a weekend edition of the At-Home Practice. I have your training set up that you train hard during the weekend and have the weekend off but for those who are looking to stay active, keep focused, and get in a little extra training time, viola.

There will be THREE parts to this workout -- Cardio Time, AMRAP, and EMOM -- so let me explain what each part involves.

CARIO TIME: I'll leave this up to you with what you want to do to get your heart rate pumping but some suggestions are jumping rope, shadow skipping, running on the spot. and jumping jacks. You're going to do this twice in your workout -- once to jump start your workout and one time in between your AMRAP and EMOM.

AMRAP: This stands for As Man Rounds As Possible.

I've listed three different exercises and for each of the three exercises, I've listed the number of reps you have to do for them. The idea here is to do to the designated number of reps for each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. When you finish the three exercises, you then do another round of them. You keep on going, doing round after round of the three exercises until the time is up.

Usually you use a time but for the Weekend Edition of this AMRAP, you are going to pick 2 songs to train to. For Level 1, you start the AMRAP when Song 1 starts. Take a 1 minute break when Song 1 ends, Then start Song 2, resume the AMRAP, then stop training when Song 2 finishes. For Level 2, you start the AMRAP when Song 1 starts and continue training until Song 2 ends, so you're training straight through the two songs.

You pick your 2 songs and you pick if you want to do Level 1 or Level 2.

EMOM: This stands for Every Minute On the Minute.

For the first five minutes, I wrote down a simple body weight exercise and a number of reps that you're going to do during that minute. For example, for minute #1, you'll be doing 15 push ups. When you're done the push ups, whatever time remaining in that particular minute is your rest time. The goal is to compete the number of reps in that minute and then do Minute #1-5 two times, totally 10 minutes of training.

Your At-Home Practice, Weekend Edition...

CARIO TIME: 3 minutes


10 Frog jumps

15 Inche worms

20 Plank twists