Weekend Edition of At-Home Practice

Happy Sunday Fighers and Lifters, here's a little At-Home Practice for you to do.




Single leg drops

Splinter sit ups

Butterfly sit ups


Sumo squat jumps

Pushup walkovers

Reverse lunge with knee tuck

Crab toe touches

For each circuit, you're going to do drop sets, which means you'll drop the number of reps you do with each new set.

LEVEL 1 -- 20-15-10-5

LEVEL 2 -- 25-20-15-10

LEVEL 3 -- 30-25-20-15

LEVEL 4 -- 30-25-20-15-10-5

So, for example, Circuit One, if you're doing Level 1, you'll do 20 reps of all the listed exercises in that circuit and then you'll drop it down to 15 reps.

I'll let you pick from which level you want to do.

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