Weekly update

Good afternoon fighters,

Tomorrow, Saturday at 8am, we have our Core Conditioning for those of you fighters in the Boxing Bootcamp. The link is on the side column of the Coach’s Corner.


This week’s class is a 30 minute jump rope workout -- Sweat Sesh Skipping, Thursday, June 30th at 7am. Please note that these classes are FREE and OPEN TO ALL our registered fighters, not just those participating in the Boxing Bootcamp.


For those waiting on your award gifts from Klean Athlete, they JUST ARRIVED TODAY!!! They finally flew in from the States and have made their way to the Clubhouse.

I’ll be sending out the following remaining award gifts:

1. Madille -- Electroylytes, Protein Recovery

2. Karol -- Multi vitamins, Electrolytes

3. Vanessa -- Electrolytes

4. Christina -- Protein Recovery, Electrolytes

Saemgyeol, our Round Two Champion, hold up lady. I have a large package coming your way, just need to find a way to get to the post office and send it to you in Korea.


Due to quarantine life slowly but surely coming to an end, schedules changing, and Empowered wanting to secure and build up sponsor support, the Boxing Bootcamp Fighters’ Award Ceremony will now be a bi-monthly event. Having said this though, before the next round of Boxing Bootcamp starts, fighters will be notified via email regarding their level for the next round. Therefore if a fighter is promoted from one level to the next, they will be notified and then we will celebrate it and give them due respect at the following Fighters’ Award Ceremony.


We’re coming up to the end of Round Three so registration is now open to those wanting to sign up to continue their bootcamp training or to start it. Sign up is on our website or drop us a message and we'll help you out with the registration. Please note this round there will be three levels so some of you Level Two fighters will be promoted! Awesome job fighters!!!

Level One -- Monday, 7pm

Level Two -- Tuesday, 7am

Level Three -- Wednesday, 7am


For those of you fighters who are waiting to resume training in our clubhouse, we will definitely let you know as soon as we know with regards to reopening. Once we get clearance to reopen, we will be posting a health check questionnaire for you to fill out and send back to us. It’s a simple questionnaire, nothing super personal or sensitive but it is a requirement. Consequently, any fighter failing to complete the questionnaire will not be allowed to resume training at Empowered.

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