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Revenge Fight Training, Round Four, and L.I.F.T. Camp 8.0.

We started the week off strong with some Killa Core Conditioning, then had technical difficulties so the Boxing II workout got rescheduled to Saturday, but we continued on with a strong L.I.F.T. Sweat Sesh on Thursday and had an intense Full Body Pump on Friday.

For your Weekend At-Home Practice, I'm giving you a revised version of this week's Full Body Pump. I'll give you some choices. You will be doing 6 different exercises for 6 sets and you'll have a choice between two exercises for each of the 6. We'll be doing drop sets for this workout which means you do set one as written out and then, for set two, you drop 10 reps off each of the exercise, with the exception of if the rep count is already at time.


60 Mountain climbers OR plank jacks

50 Sumo squats OR narrow squats

40 Tricep dips OR crab toe touches

30 Side step ups with knee tuck OR frog jumps

20 Wide arm push-ups (chest push-ups) OR tricep pushups

10 Wake ups OR inch worms



60 Plank jacks

50 Narrow squats

40 Tricep dips

30 Frog jumps

20 Tricep pushups

10 Inch worms


50 Plank jacks

40 Narrow squats

30 Tricep dips

20 Frog jumps

10 Tricep pushups

10 Inch worms


40 Plank jacks

30 Narrow squats

20 Tricep dips

10 Frog jumps

10 Tricep pushups

10 Inch worms

...then drop another 10 for set four and set five.

For set six, you'll be doing only 10 reps for each of the six exercises.

My recommendation, in between each set, take a water break, stretch your arms out to inhale and exhale big, then after a minute or two, go into your next set. This is a wicked full body workout that hits your upper body, lower body, core and cardio. Have fun!!!

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