Welcome to Round Two!!!

We kicked off Round Two of our Revenge Fight Training with a solid Core Conditioning class so good job fighters! I don't know about you but after my legs were really killing me because of those V-tucks and plank pikes!

Going into Round Two, we have a small group of fighters so don't expect me to go light on you because of that. If anything, expect to up your game and bring the intensity and effort with every workout. Here is your At-Home Practice for today's Core Conditioning.

At-Home Practice

100 plank tucks OR 100 plank pikes

Seems pretty simple, right?! Well, it's simple to tell you what you need to do but doing the 100 reps is actually quite challenging. For this week's At-Home Practice for Core Conditioning, you first need to decide whether you're going to do the 100 plank tucks or the 100 plank pikes. Then, you need to do them... that's the challenge.

Part of the challenge is deciding HOW you're going to split the 100 reps up.

... 2 sets of 50, 3 sets of 30, 30, and 40, 4 sets of 25, 5 sets of 20 ...?!

I'll leave that up to you to decide but your challenge this week is to get 100 reps done.

Don't forget to tag Empowered Clubhouse if you post you doing the At-Home Practice on social media. We're always up for cheering you on and boasting about how badass awesome our fighters are plus it serves to give others a great dose of fitspiration.

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