What Time for Abs?

Good evening ladies. We posted a poll in our Empowered Clubhouse Facebook private group page (click HERE to join it) but I thought I'd also post it here because it pertains to you all. Next Monday we'll be hosting a Killa Core 30min workout live online for our 42 to Forty Two Fitness Challenge but we want to know what is your time preference for next Monday.

Here are your choices....








Also, please note, I have a WHACK of spot prizes to give away but have been having difficulty giving them away because almost 90% of you ladies participating in this 42 to Forty Two Fitness Challenge are silent on social media. We can't reward what we can't see and, trust me, we'd love to throw you some extra badass cool fitspiration for your hard efforts. Don't forget to tag us when you post!!!

IG/FB: EmpoweredClubhouse

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