Who's Up for Another Round?

Attention fighters who are in the Boxing Bootcamp. This includes the following fighters currently in Round Six:

  1. Karol

  2. Saemgyeol

  3. Khrysz

  4. Bella

  5. Rara

  6. Madille

  7. Bianca

  8. Christina

  9. Jocefine

If you're NOT in the above list or haven't yet signed up for Boxing Bootcamp but want to, by all means please do let me know asap. I'd love to have more fighters. I really need to know who is committing for the next round, Round Seven, because I'm switching up the levels and adding a lot of extra stuff, including a new coach.

For Level One, I have Coach Carol jumping in. She'll be taking Level One and coaching the Level One fighters in a boxercise-style workout. So, if you want to jump into Level One as suppose to go to Level Two or Three because getting in an aerobics-based workout is what you're more interested in, awesome but please let me know.

I really need to have a confirmed number so that I can plan accordingly and by "plan accordingly" I mean finish up my packaging of some home-based equipment I've been working on. If you tell me too late, you risk missing out. No pressure to join but I really need to know if you're in or if you're out. Thanks fighters!

-- Coach Amy

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