To slay your boxing workout is one thing, but to conquer your fears and step into the ring to box, that's a whole other story.  


Introducing a whole other hand wrap -- the Conquer hand wraps.


Like our other hand wraps, these too have our signature stretch to them, but we've upped the badassery of our hand wraps by putting this in white and writing "conquer" on the black hand and grey.  Because boxing is tough but you are tougher and we really want you to conquer your fears and conquer your goals.   


This wrap also comes in 3.58m length -- the Lil' Conquer hand wrap.


To confirm your order, please wire your payment to the following bank account and then email us a copy/picture of your receipt with your name and "Conquer Hand Wraps" in the subject heading.  Thank you so much.


BDO account: Amy Berezowski 

BDO account number: 011370017632

Conquer Hand Wraps

    • Each wrap our signature stretch.
    • Available in 6.35 meter length and 3.58 meter.
    • Empowered logo on the wrist.
    • White wrap with the word "Conquer" written repeatedly in a metallic grey.