These are custom rawhide leather gloves, specifically and exclusively designed and made for Empowered but, more importantly, a female's hand.  Unlike the typical boxing glove that is bulky, the Exclusive Slay Glove has been measured and made smaller than the typical glove.  It's sleek design and size makes it a perfect fit for the fabulously fierce female looking to slay it at boxing.


To confirm your order, please wire your payment to the following bank account and then email us a copy/picture of your receipt with your name and "Exclusive Slay Gloves" in the subject heading.  Thank you so much.


BDO account: Amy Berezowski 

BDO account number: 011370017632

Exclusive Slay 10oz Gloves

  • The general rule is to pick according to your weight:

    • >115lbs = 10oz glove
    • 115lbs - 150lbs = 12oz glove
    • If you're not sure what size to buy, the best all-around training glove is an 12oz glove.
    •  If you're looking to spar, most clubs require you to wear at least a 14oz boxing glove. We do not have a 14oz glove in this particular glove but our new I AM Empowered glove does have a 14oz.
  • If shipping is required, we will contact you to figure out the added costs.