Since when did the phrase "fight like a girl" become a negative thing?!  Have you seen the female fighters fighting out of Empowered?!




Let's fight this misconception by wearing it loud and proud on our wrists as we box.  Introducing the Fight Like A Girl hand wrap, a 5.5 meter length wrap with the bold phrase "fight like a girl" written over and over on it in bold red captial letters.




We recently switched manufacturers and are trying to work out the qinks with this wrap being the first dry run with them.  


So what's wrong with them, you ask.  Good question.

Nothing really.  They have a good stretch and are the requested length, but there's some inconsisancy with the printing and the wrist wrap design.  So we're offering these wraps at 50% OFF but only until supplies last.  Get them while you can!


To confirm your order, please wire your payment to the following bank account and then email us a copy/picture of your receipt with your name and "Fight Like a Girl Hand Wraps" in the subject heading.  Thank you so much.


BDO account: Amy Berezowski 

BDO account number: 011370017632

Fight Like A Girl Hand Wraps

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