Introducing the 14oz I AM Empowered glove, a glove that's heavier in weight and bigger in protection.  It's for all you heavy weight hitters out there or those looking to step into the ring to spar.   


A 14oz is the general go-to for women's sparring so this is perfect for those wanting to up their badass boxing skills and step up their game.  Unlike most regular boxing gloves, this is a lace-up glove.


The I AM Empowered glove, both the 12oz and 14oz glove are premium gloves that were created with five layers for added protection and comfort.  Traditional boxing gloves have a flat padding that is then shaped according to how the glove is sewn together.  However, the foam in the I AM Empowered gloves have been moulded to the shape of a hand, more specifically, a woman's hand.  No more bulkiness or discomfort and no more punching through your padding.  


This glove is made with extra detail and extra attention for the female fighter that punches extra hard and wants that sure protection.  So it's super sleek looking but super protective too, exactly what the fierce female fighter needs. 

I AM Empowered 14oz/ Sparring Glove

  • The general rule is to pick according to your weight:

    • >115lbs = 10oz glove
    • 115lbs - 150lbs = 12oz glove
    • 150 to 180lbs OR FOR SPARRING = 14oz glove