This badass hoodie with it's pop of hot pink and bold I Am Empowered manifesto on the back has been made specifically and exclussively for the Lil' Sistas Project launched by Empowered.  The proceeds of this hoodie go towards exactly that, the Lil' Sistas.  Money raised will be used to buy gear for their Lil' Pow Boxing Class as well as fund additional expenses for their Snail Mail Sista Program hosted by Empowered.  


What is the Lil' Sistas Project?!

Good question.  Lil' Sistas Project is something that Coach Amy of Empowered launched, a project that stemmed from a visit to Holy Family Home, a safe home here in BGC for underprivilaged girls, ages 5-16.  Currently we host the Lil' Sista Pow (boxing) Class for them but we've got big plans for bigger things for and with them. We now have extended the Lil' Sistas Project to the Center of Hope, a safe home for survivors of human trafficking and we just recently started a Snail Mail Program for them -- a penpal program that has them writing letters to female fighters around their age in Toronto, Canada.


Currently we have 76 Lil' Sistas.


Empowered is all about empowering women but the young girls of today are the women of tomorrow so it's our social duty as "Big Sistas" to help mentor them and provide the support and hope they need to succeed.  


What to help a Lil' Sista out?  Fabulous... buy a sweater.

One sweater gets one Lil' Sista a pair of boxing gloves and gives her an opportunity to better empower herself.



For example, Coach Amy wears a SMALL Lil' Sista sweater but it is loose on her and she's 5ft 2", 118lbs.  Right now we only have small, medium and large available but we're working on getting an extra large.


To confirm your order, please wire your payment to the following bank account and then email us a copy/picture of your receipt with your name and "Lil' Sistas Hoodie" in the subject heading.  Thank you so much.


BDO account: Amy Berezowski 

BDO account number: 011370017632

Lil' Sista Hoodie