Staying hydrated during training never was so easy or fashionable.  For a limited time, we're selling this PERSONALIZED bottle.  It's great for keeping your water cool during training but let's not forget that some of you, like Coach Amy, have a pre-workout coffee, it keeps that hot, too!  Great for keeping your drinks cold, fabulous for keeping your drinks hot, and with your own personalized name printed right on it, it's also badass and awesome for making sure no one else takes your bottle.


  • Vacuum insulated
  • 18oz/ 530mL
  • Stainless steel
  • Leak proof
  • BPA free


Let us know your fight name, nickname or name you wanted printed on it and we'll get it done for you, no problem.


To confirm your order, please wire your payment to the following bank account and then email us a copy/picture of your receipt with your name and "Slay Bottle" in the subject heading.  Thank you so much.


BDO account: Amy Berezowski 

BDO account number: 011370017632

Slay Bottle