Moving to Sundays in BGC

February 1, 2018

Coach Amy is here, loud and proud in The Fort BGC, ready and eager to build upon and expand our crew of fiercely fabulous females. She's got my female fighters in Makati with the Empowered small group boxing classes at Hernandez Boxing and, starting this Sunday, BoxHIIT in the Park here in The Fort BGC. Love it!!! Who else is in with me on making our women stronger, healthier and more badass?!

This is a FREE weekly training session!!!

It's open to every and any female who wants to join!!!


It was originally announced as being on Wednesday evenings but has since changed to Sunday evenings due to popular demand.

You DON'T have to sign up but we do ask that if you're going to participate please follow both Empowered Clubhouse (@EmpoweredClubhouse) and Coach Amy (@DeadAimAmy) on Instagram. 

It'd be great to have an idea of our numbers and it'd be encouraging to us and to others to see who else wants to come out. So if you're interested in attending the launch day session of BoxHIIT in the Park, let us know. Click "going". Thanks ladies!

P.S This Sunday it will be at 7pm but starting next week it'll be moved to 7:30pm.

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