Minor Time Change

February 8, 2018

We're coming up to the weekend so you know what that means... Empowered BoxHIIT in the Park!!! It's free, it's outside, and it's right around the block for you ladies here in The Fort BGC. Last week we kicked it off and this week we're continuing on with another session. Hope to see you there. Sign up isn't required, just show up!


Minor time change with BoxHIIT in the Park with Coach Amy. We've changed it from Sunday at 7pm to Sundays at 7:30pm, same day.  And remember, it's free.




Yes, free.


All we ask is that you follow Empowered Clubhouse (@EmpoweredClubhouse) and Coach Amy (@DeadAimAmy) on Instagram to show your support and the come sporting positive vibes and a willingness to train hard and have fun.

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