Commit to Be Fit

August 2, 2018

 ATTENTION LADIES, in regards to Round 2 of the BoxHIIT Camp, I'm going to simply repeat what I posted on my Instagram (IG:DeadAimAmy) regarding it...


Can you commit?! If yes, read on.

If no,... go find me some peanut butter.


Round 2 of my BoxHIIT Camp is starting the week of August 13th.


Excuses or results, pick one.


With Round 2 I'm going to take a different approach, am going to more aggressive with my commitment to you and I'm going to send you home with a home workout for you to do during the week. It'll be based off the exercises I teach you at that week's BoxHIIT Camp session because, let's face it, a once-a-week workout is hardly going to make a dent. It's all about creating a healthier, active lifestyle.


I only have one rule when it comes to training with me and that is YOU HAVE TO COMMIT. If I'm going to commit to you, you better commit to me. I'm not here to waste your time and money and I sure as hell am not here to waste my time and energy as well.


This is a 4 week commitment so decide now if you want results or you have excuses.


-- Coach Amy

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