Let's FURTHER Support the Lil' Sistas

January 30, 2019


Click HERE to watch a little video on the Lil' Pow Boxing Class


Girl gang power!!!  Okay, so maybe we're not a gang in the traditional sense but we definitely are an amazing crew of girls throwing mean jabs and knockout hooks.


Introducing the Lil' Pow Boxing Class, a boxing class I coach for my Lil' Sistas Project -- an outreach program that aims to empower underprivileged girls.


I put together some short clips of one of the two Lil' Pow Boxing Classes that I coach, the one in BGC, to show you the awesomeness of these girls, my passion for what I'm doing with and for them, and to really reach out to the community for help. I could always use more volunteers and of course more gear, but that's not the focus of the help I'm referring to here. I'm referring to financial help.


I coach at the Center of Hope in Antipolo and Holy Family Home in BGC, two nonprofit organizations that are saving lives, changing lives and making lives for girls that otherwise would be lost forever.



The Center of Hope is a safe place, a recovery home for human trafficking survivors, girls ages 13-20, and currently they have 50. The Center of Hope is actually owned and operated by The Voice of the Free, a nonprofit organization that has made it's sole purpose to bring social awareness to human trafficking, put a stop to it and save those victims who have become a part of it.


(Click HERE for The Center of Hope via The Voice of the Free Facebook page).



Holy Family Home an all-girls home that provides long-term residential care, protection and rehab for orphaned, abandoned, abused girls, and those which the city has taken off of the streets or away from their homes because their living conditions were not deemed suitable. They currently have 26 little girls, ages 6-16, that they house.


(Click here for the Holy Family Home Facebook page.)


Housing so many girls and meeting their needs as their guardians is quite the responsibility and the financial burden, but it is something that both the Center of Hope and Holy Family Home have taken on.  They both have quite the amazing passion for what they're doing and it’s so evident in how they stand up, support and love these girls.


My hope is that those watching this Vlog and reading my Vlog caption here will reach out and financially donate. I coach and mentor all 86 girls for free and though I tell you this, I'm not looking for any kind of recognition or props but instead am hoping it will inspire you to get involved and help by donating. I know a lot of people don't particularly like giving money but when you have a house of 50 or 26 little girls that need food and basic necessities, money does help them SO MUCH with their bills and keeping places like this alive. Both Holy Family Home and the Center of Hope are needed within the Philippines and the communities they serve, a sad fact and a true reality, so let's really band together here and help sustain them. They are changing lives, lets keep it so that they can change even more in the future.


Please consider donating. Thank you.


-- Coach Amy

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